AUXITEX S.A.C. is a Peruvian company founded in September 4th 2003 devoted to trade of dyes and manufacturing of textile chemical auxiliaries which have as core value to offer to the textile market the highest quality products that allow to achieve cleaner, efficient, economic and ecological industrial processes for a rational use of natural resource.

The development and growth of AUXITEX has been sustained since its beginning having reached a wide portfolio of clients who are advised permanently and with whom we are committed and identified entirely.

The Research and Development activities of AUXITEX have relevant importance, bearing in mind the outstanding service is achieved with the effort of the intelligence, order and work in benefit of our clients.

Our Textile Application Laboratory

Our Research & Development Laboratory

Our Laboratory for Special Effects in Industrial Laundry – Pilot Plant

AUXITEX has a chemical engineers team with a wide experience developed in renowned industries of the Peruvian textile sector granting a personalized attention which considers the needs of the industrial processes of their customers.

The industrial plant of AUXITEX reflects the vision of their directors who proposed an ecological project respecting all the natural elements of the place, reappraising it with a landscape architecture that harmonizes with the business functions with the natural environment.